Young children (like mine) don’t like to sit and do something mundane (like writing characters) for a long time. So I keep my lessons short. They usually take about 10 minutes total, and that includes the time that my kids are practice-writing the character. I spend about 2 minutes describing how to write the strokes, and they spend about 8 minutes writing the character 16 times.  I used to draw 16 boxes on a piece of paper, with a little space at the top where I would write the character and show them the strokes. The kids would then look at the character I wrote at the top of the page and copy it 16 times in the boxes below. I got tired of always drawing the boxes by hand, so I then started making worksheets on the computer. Here’s one worksheet that I made for the character that means “of” in Chinese (pronounced “de”):


Keeping the lessons short and focused only on 1 character per day helps the kids to retain what they learned.  After 10 minutes of practice, I let my kids play or do something else for an hour or two. Then I come back and review with them. Repetition really helps them remember.